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We must act today to create a global ice archive and preserve the memory of the past.

Our goal is to create a global ice archive sanctuary in Antarctica, a continent devoted to science and peace, in an effort to preserve ice cores from the world’s key endangered glaciers. That way, scientists in the decades and centuries to come will still have enough high-quality raw material to investigate and make future discoveries.

“In the coming decades, or even the coming centuries, these samples will be invaluable – be it for entirely unprecedented scientific discoveries or for understanding local changes in the environment. This project has my full support.”

Jean Jouzel, climatologist

Vice-Chair of the IPCC, 2002–2015
2007 Nobel Peace Prize

“Fifty years ago in Antarctica, when I discovered that by analysing the ice we could reconstruct the Earth’s past climate and atmospheric composition from the air bubbles held within it, I could never have imagined the rapid and inevitable disappearance of glaciers that is unfolding before our very eyes. My thanks go to the Grenoble team for taking responsibility for creating this ice core sanctuary for future generations before it is too late.
Claude Lorius, French glaciologist and ice coring pioneer