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Director of the UGA Foundation
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  • 21 juin 2017
    ICE MEMORY : full success of the expedition on Illimani glacier in Bolivia
    The second expedition of the ICE MEMORY project, took place on the Illimani glacier (Bolivia) from May 22nd until June 18th, 2017. It just ended with full success! The international team at work has successfully extracted two ice cores down to bedrock, at more than 6,300 m above sea level, despite extreme climatic conditions. One of the ice cores will be analyzed while the other one with join the first world heritage vault of ice cores (in Antarctica) obtained from glaciers under threat due to global warming.

  • 22 mai 2017
    ICE MEMORY: second mission on the Illimani glacier
    Collecting ice cores from glaciers most at risk from climate change and storing them in Antarctica for future generations of scientists: that is the goal of ICE MEMORY, an international programme aimed at preserving the climate and environmental memory of glaciers. Following the first drilling in the French Alps in August 2016 and the inaugural ICE MEMORY conference at UNESCO in March 2017, the second mission will take place in Bolivia, on the Illimani glacier (6,400 metres above sealevel), from May 22th to June 18th.

  • 20 juillet 2016
    Lancement "sauvegarder la mémoire de la glace"
    La première mission du projet de sauvegarde du patrimoine glaciaire mondial sera lancée en France,le 15 août prochain, dans le massif du Mont-Blanc : des chercheurs du CNRS, de l’IRD et del’Université Grenoble Alpes prélèveront de la glace au col du Dôme afin notamment d’en stocker deséchantillons en Antarctique.

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