mission col du dôme

It is a responsibility we share as a generation, so let us join forces to leave behind a scientific legacy for our children. Starting right now.

Sponsoring the project means:

•    Clearly expressing the responsibility and the commitment of your organisation
to the climate and environmental cause, for all stakeholders to see both in France and around the world.
•    Leaving your mark on history:
the sanctuary or the ice cores can be marked with the sponsor’s name, visible today and forever stamped throughout the centuries to come. Follow the journey of your ice, from the glacier to the sanctuary, for decades to come.
•    Sharing a scientific and human adventure
through reports from film director Luc Jacquet, communication with the glaciologists and VIP visits to the sites in the Alps and even in Antarctica.

Make a cash or equipment donation to join the project and become one of our sponsors

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All donations are eligible for favourable tax treatment regarding sponsorship.